About Us - DMC ITALY

Welcome to the world of SellingTrip Incoming Division B2B

SellingTrip Incoming Division is a tour operator specialising in inbound tourism, we can offer assistance to your customers during their trip to Italy.

With our know how and our teams we operate group tours across Italy every year, providing itineraries and personal service.

Moreover, we offers the possibility can choose a wide range of services such as hotels, transfers, city and shopping tours, parks, museums, attractions , shows, travel cards, guides, regular tours, tours and mini-tours in the main destinations of the Italy.

Our Team

Dino Scaggiante


Dino Scaggiante is the Chief Executive Officer at SellingTrip. He leads the company's strategy and it follows all the bureaucratic management of the company. Dino co-founded SellingTrip in 2018 with your colleague Jo Gliottone and has grown the start-up a company into of the travel experiences.

Jo Gliottone


Jo Gliottone is the General Manager at SellingTrip. He leads the company’s business operations. Jo co-founded SellingTrip in 2018 with his colleague Dino Scaggiante and he continues leading several strategic company functions.

Darya Zolotukhina


Darya Zolotukhina joined our SellingTrip team in 2018, with her help, the office has since tripled in size, and Darya continues to bring a positive attitude to the team.

Gina De Gennaro


Gina De Gennaro worked at a high-profile tax advisory firm. Now deploys these skills to the benefit of SellingTrip. Gina deals with everything from invoices to financial statements to establishing new processes to finding new accounting solutions.

Lorenzo Speziale


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Emiliano Duro


Emiliano Duro joined us with minimal industry experience. Emiliano is known for the dedication at the work, his positivity as well and for providing our customers an exceptional booking experience.

Our strengths